Best country or ranch wedding venues in Los Angeles, Riverside, California.

RANCH – Orange, Ventura County, Santa Barbara Weddings

Santa Barbara to Ventura & Orange County best country or ranch wedding venue at the California Ranch Company. For ranch, country or wine country weddings many couples choose to hold this vows-taken-and-celebrated event at our beautiful ranch property, with its gorgeously rustic architecture. Famously known as The CRC Ranch located in Temecula, this world class facility spans 70 spacious acres and holds indoor or outdoor weddings, depending on your dream and plans. California Ranch Company is the perfect venue for wine country, country, or ranch weddings, corporate events, parties and more!



Consider this spacious Ranch House your home away from home for you and your bridesmaids to enjoy!


Ready for the groom and his best men, The Bunk House provides a private place to relax and mingle before, during, and after the event.


Complete with a white picket fence, this cozy cottage is the perfect accommodation for your  out of town guests.

Perfect Ranch, Country & Wine Country Weddings For Santa Barbara, Ventura and Orange County Wedding Parties

For country, ranch or wine country wedding venues — if your wedding party is from Santa Barbara or Ventura or Orange County, our California Wedding Ranch is your ideal destination. We boast an incredibly romantic atmosphere and provide the special amenities that make your wedding soulful. Our beautiful, 70-acre estate is located in the “Heart of Wine Country” in Temecula and offers a variety of indoor and outdoor ceremony locations to suit your vision.  The ranch is maintained pristine condition to ensure a day imbued with many sacred moments and unforgettable memories. A country or ranch wedding venue is prized as among the most romantic wedding day experiences available in the West. Our wedding venue is a blend of wine country and a rustic ranch – an ideal environment for the coming together in this ultimate ceremony of vows, surrounded by family and friends and nature’s splendor. Ideal wedding venues for Santa Barbara, Ventura or Orange County parties.